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APEX Digital Vault

APEX Digital Vault

Flexible Disaster Recovery Cloud Solutions

Cloud hosted infrastructure utilizing firewalls and redundant servers.
Perform manual or automated backups of a single file, directory, or computer.
STAR Help Desk technicians are available 24-Hours a day to help you.
Data protection for natural disasters and cyber threats

Cloud Data Backups

Why chance loosing your data? With APEX, you can backup your data to the cloud on demand or use our software to schedule automatic backups. Your data is encrypted and secure. You choose the folder or folders you want to backup or select the entire hard drive. You are in control.

Secure Container

Data containers serve as digital fortresses, safeguarding the data that is stored on hard drives, external drives, network drive locations, and server files. Every time you perform a backup, a data container is created, acting as a shield against cyber threats for all previous backups.

Database Backup

Data backup, simply put, is the act of copying and storing data. It's like creating a time capsule for your data, safe and sound in multiple locations. Its main goal? To restore data to a specific moment in time. Think of it as a time machine for your business data, ensuring compliance and secure long-term archival.

Data Replication

Data replication is your business continuity champion, which works by duplicating or updating data from one point to another, often unfolds in real-time or nearly so. The ultimate aim of data replication is to sustain business continuity by ensuring data is always on hand. Our solution provides a process that mirrors your in-house data to the cloud.

Rules and Automation

With APEX's intelligent rules and automation, you get to call the shots. You establish unique parameters for different situations. Perhaps there's a need to keep only the most recent copy of a document in the archive, or, conversely, there might be instances where maintaining a historical record is crucial. Define the quantity of copies, determine their lifespan, decide on backup timing based on changes, and more.

Disaster Recovery

Prepare for the worst, expect the best. With our disaster recovery services, you're ready for anything. Our services include emergency procedures, emergency contacts, critical IT assets, tools and technologies for a fast recovery, and a team to help you twenty-four hours each day. Our team will facilitate preparedness training, continuing education training, as well as annual DRP updates.